The Power of Networking with Other Female Photographers

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Female photographers are the minority in the field of photography. While it can still be useful to network with male photographers, there are many benefits that come from mingling with other women who love photography. Learning from, and building relationships with, these women can help you to advance your own career and make you a better photographer yourself.

Being a female photographer can feel lonely sometimes, especially if you mostly just work with and create alongside other men. You may desire to meet other women who share your passion. When you network with these women, however, you have the opportunity to lose that sense of isolation. You get to exchange ideas with women who share the same interest and skills as you do, and you have the chance to form lasting friendships with them. My own best friend is someone I met at a conference just for women who were making a career out of photography.

In addition to alleviating a sense of isolation in your field, networking with other female photographers exposes you to potential future employers. Any male photographers you meet may also end up becoming a source for jobs or internships, but other women can be particularly sympathetic employers. As a result, if you wish to work with other women, networking with them can help you to find the perfect employer for your next job.

In addition, networking with other female photographers can provide you with inspiration. The process of mingling with other women photographers will expose you to their unique ideas and work. Their creativity will be different from that of their male counterparts and, therefore, will offer you a new source from which to draw inspiration. For instance, it was the approach to taking maternity photos that I learned about from a colleague at a conference that has influenced the way I take my own photos ever since.

When you meet and befriend other females with the same interests as you, you also find a source of sympathetic friendship. This friendship differs from those you can form with male colleagues, because it includes a mutual understanding of what it is like to be a woman in the picture taking field, an understanding of what it feels like, what challenges it presents, and what satisfaction it gives. This friendship can give rise to powerfully creative partnerships and collaborations that can improve your work and more powerfully impact the people who view it.

There are several opportunities to network with other female photographers and therefore to reap the many benefits of doing so. Many of these options are online communities. In these communities through places like Flickstr, you will have the opportunity to post your work, discuss questions, and connect with other women. You may also attend conferences just for women, or keep an eye out for women at co-ed get togethers. Regardless of how you choose to network, by building relationships with other women can make you a stronger, wiser, and more effective photographer yourself.


How to Choose Locales for Wedding Shoots

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Wedding shoots come with quite a bit of pressure. You are being paid a relatively large amount of money to capture a once in a lifetime event. The bride and groom want every picture to be perfect, beautiful, and, of course, focused on their happiness. As a result, choosing locations to take the wedding photos can be stressful. However, if you take a few things into consideration, you should be able to find locales that provide you with the perfect setting for perfect photos.

The first thing to look for when choosing a locale is its proximity to the wedding venue. A professor at the photography school I attended told us that at his first wedding shoot, he chose a marina that was thirty-five minutes away from the church where the wedding took place. The result was that getting to and from the marina took so long, he did not have enough time to take the photos he wanted to, and he made the reception begin over an hour late. Locations that are within walking distance or less than a five minute drive will make it much less stressful to get to and from the location, and will allow you to take your time.

The second thing to look for when choosing a locale is a place that captures the personality and interests of the couple. For instance, if you are shooting a hip urban couple, you may want to avoid open countryside or farm locales for your photo shoot. On the other hand, if riding motorcycles is a large part of the couple’s relationship, you may want to consider taking some shots on motorcycles. By including the bride and groom’s personalities and interests into your photos, you can make them especially memorable and personable.

Third, when looking for the ideal locale for your wedding shoot, you should keep an eye out for beauty. Weddings are very much about beauty, from the bride’s glowing face and carefully selected dress to venues that often include stained glass, flowers, and arching ceilings. As a result, any place you choose to snap photos of the bride and groom should possess a stunning or unique beauty. For instance, if you choose to take photos in a country setting, choose a field of flowers instead of a farm. If you take pictures next to the water, be sure to choose a place where the water is unobstructed by run-down buildings or crowds of beachgoers.

Finally, do not be afraid to suggest a location different from the one suggested by the bride and groom. They will often have their own ideas about how they want to the shoot to go, and where they want the photos taken. However, they have hired you to make sure their photos look as beautiful as possible. If you feel that a different location will work better for creating that kind of beauty, you should not hesitate to ask the couple to consider that location.

Once you have the right location, your shoot should go much more easily, because you will have the elements you need to capture a lifetime of memories for the newly married couple.

How to Choose the Right Photography School

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Almost anyone can pick up a camera and start taking pictures. However, for those of us with a passion and talent for photography, simply pointing and clicking is not enough. We need to learn more about our hobby, and maybe even get enough knowledge and experience to turn that hobby into a career. In order to do so, we need to attend photography school.

As with any school, choosing the right photography school depends mostly on your own preferences. However, there are a few areas you need to think about when choosing a school that will help you to pick exactly the right school for you.

The first thing to think about when choosing the right photography school for you is what exactly you want to do with your photography. For instance, there is a big difference between conducting professional wedding shoots and capturing gorgeous natural pictures or engaging in sports photography. Each area requires different techniques and equipment that you will need to learn about in order to excel in that area. If you wish to get into sports photography, for example, you will need to find a school that offers specialties or classes in that area. Otherwise, you may end up with sound skills in general photography but lack the ability to make it in the sports photography business.

The second thing to think about when choosing the right photography school for you is the extent to which it will teach you about how to use technology to improve your photography skills. For instance, you should look at whether the school will teach you about digitally developing or enhancing your photographs. Being able to utilize modern technology in the service of your photography will make you more appealing to potential clients and employers.

Third, you should think about whether the school will offer you the experience you need to make it in the world of professional photography. Experience is, perhaps, more important in photography than in many other fields. You should attend a school that allows you to get this experience through hands-on classes and internships. This experience will improve your skills, take your learning out of the theoretical and into the practical, and maybe even land you a job. In fact, my first job out of photography school was a position that opened up at my internship.

Finally, when choosing a photography school, don’t forget those aspects of the school that are important regardless of the topic you are studying. For instance, the cost of the school and the availability of scholarships might affect whether or not you can even afford to attend. In addition, you may need to go to a school that is within a certain area.

Choosing a photography school can be an exciting time in your life. You are about to embark on a journey to develop your passion into a career. Finding the right school ultimately involves finding the place that will do the best job of fostering your love of photography while deepening your skill.

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